Sensual Massage

Sensual massage could be a good way to make intimacy and closeness together with your pleasuring partner. The concept behind sensual massage is that you are simply given pleasure through bit by your partner. One person is that the giver and one person is that the recipient. The massage may include orgasmic massage in which the climax of pleasure excitement, characterized by intensely enjoyable feelings centered within the clitoris of the women full-fledged as associate degree accompaniment to vibration throughout the pubic area.

O-Level (Oral sex)

O-Level or the Oral sex is consist of sexual stimulation of the sensitive areas. This is done by hand, mouth, tongue and lips etc.

O-level sex help you to get more relaxed and comfortable with your partner. With this you will be able to explore more about your boy and its sensitive areas.

BFE (Boy Friend Experience)

Experience the real feeling, care, love and romance as happen between two beloved couples. With BFE or the Boy Friend Experience they guy delivers more care and respect towards you and your body while pleasing you to the actual feeling of love and romance.

PSL (Pussy Sucking Lips)

PSL or the Pussy Sucking Lips is the great way to get teased and get prepared for the rapid fire round. Under the PSL (Pussy Sucking Lips) the boy stimulates lower sensitive areas around your assets while teasing you for more.

Extra balls (Have Many Times)

Extra balls sounds like playing a cricket match, well this play is not less than that of cricket match, but here it means that you can have the game many times depending up on the package you choose from the Male Escorts in Delhi Rates.

Doggie Style (Sex from behind)

Doggie Style is not new to this world, but it is getting famous day by day. Doggie Style which is sex from behind gives you extra comfort and relation with pleasure.

Missionary – (Sex from top)

This is very common sex position and very first step towards getting into mood. Missionary position is comfortable for both men and women. This may not be that pleasing as compared to the latest available positions.

The Cowgirl- (Girl On the Top)

Do you love ridding horses ? No or Yes? Well, the answer doesn’t really matter here because this position help you to ride the man the way you want.

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