Call Boys in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon to Hire

MALE ESCORTS IN DELHI offers best, young and experienced CALL BOYS IN DELHI, Noida and Gurgaon. Our Male Escorts in Delhi is one of the most trusted independent Male escorts and CALL BOYS AGENCY whose boys are available in all parts of Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. 

CALL BOYS at Male Escorts in Delhi are independent college going and employed boys who are experienced in their work which is pleasing you. You could hire our boys to spend quality of time at your home, office, hotel and any other safe place. Our boys never compromise with the quality of service and they are always ready to please you until you feel unsatisfied. They are well trained to perform every task smoothly while giving you great pleasure and memorable experience.

In the history of MALE ESCORTS SERVICE we have served multiple times to the same clients and the reason is clear, we offer best, affordable and convenient service and most importantly you can rely on our services, boys and the conversations. We have made strict policy which protect our clients, boys and company from any kind of disturbances.

You can contact and hire our CALL BOYS at any time conditionally the right time. You should contact and confirm your booking before 6-8 hours so that we can make our boys free and ready to serve you better. You can call our boys at your place or if in case you do not have place we can book hotel for you at our cost. We usually book Oyo Rooms and Stayuncle which offer safe rooms for unmarried and married couples at best prices.

Now, about the services that we offer:

As I have already mentioned above that our boys never compromise with quality of service which means our CALL BOYS rarely deny for any thing until there is genuine reason for not doing. In short, we offer all type of services which you may not get from anywhere else. When you contact our CALL BOYS for HIRING make sure to specify your need and requirements so that our CALL BOYS can confirm you whether he will be able to offer you any specific demand or not.

In General our services include foreplay, massage, oral services, leaking, erotic massage, pleasing and the happy ending. You can opt our all services or only some at no additional cost.

Pricing, rates and sessions

At Male Escorts in Delhi our CALL BOYS are very affordable. We have categorized our boys into different groups on the bases of body build, stamina and quality of services offered by them.

RATES OF CALL BOYS at MALE ESCORTS in DELHI ranges from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 15000 which depends upon the duration of your requirement. These rates are further NEGOTIABLE which you can discuss with our CALL BOYS while hiring them.

THE SESSION OF SERVICES starts from 2 hours minimum to 12 hours. If in case you need CALL BOY for more than 12 hours or for many days, week or even for a month you can let us know.


You can contact, call and WHATSAPP our CALL BOYS to hire them at anytime, but make sure to confirm your booking 6-8 hours before so that we can make our boy ready and available for you on time.

Most of our CALL BOYS are from DELHI who are easily available for you, but in other hand many of them have personal family life and the reason you should confirm your booking 6-8 prior to your requirement.


Full payment to be made at the time of meeting and before the session starts. We sometime may ask you to pay a small amount of donation as the security and confirmation fee while the book.

Now the ACCOMMODATION, as we have mentioned above that you can hire our CALL BOYS at your home, flat, hotel, farmhouse, friend’s home, office or any other safe place. BUT if in case you don’t have a place we can arrange for your at no extra cost. You have to pay only to our boys fee and the rest of expenses will be paid by us.


Individual ladies, housewives, young and mature girls can hire our CALL BOYS in DELHI, NOIDA AND GURGAON. For our call boys AGE doesn’t matter, what matters is friendliness, humbleness, cuteness and the openness. BUT it is your responsibility to specify your age at the time of booking, so that our boys doesn’t hesitate from offering services to you.


Our CALL BOYS are well trained to offer all kind of services and make you comfortable, relaxed and pleased. They are aged from 19 years of age to 28 years. More than 80% our CALL BOYS are college going and most of them are from UNIVERSITY OF DELHI, GGSIP UNIVERSITY, IIT DELHI and AIIMS. Two of our CALL BOYS are from MEDICAL FIELD and they are involved in this work only just for fun — well, it’s their personal choice.

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